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Bob's 4 book Quadrilogy: Complete New Testament Overview



Bob's first book: At the End of the Ages (2003)

The book can be ordered from most booksellers, or thru the following link.

        Order "At the End of the Ages"   


Michelle Amirault tribute

  Sadly, Michelle Amirault (wife of Gary) has passed away and Gary penned this

  wonderful tribute. You'll also see a link to view a video Michelle made some

   time ago ... her testimony. 

        Michelle Amirault tribute


Kentucky Bible Conference (Sept 14-16 2018)

  Discussion format; so you'll have a chance to listen and contemplate, but

   also offer your perspective. Info at this link, and info also available on our

   "Meetings" page (see left sidebar).

        Kentucky Bible Conference, Sept 2018 



Welcome to Our Home Church

We are the church at the home of the Evely family in Wilmore, Kentucky (see Romans 16:5 and 1 Corinthians 16:19).


We spent our entire lives within the traditional church, but "dropped out" when we realized that most teachings we had been indoctrinated with were based on the traditions and opinions of men, and not upon the Bible.


Consider that there are many churches of varying denominations that teach drastically different things ... all claiming to teach directly from the Bible. How can this be?


The problem is that there is only one CHURCH (God's invisible Church). There are many different visible churches of man's creation, but they are not the real CHURCH. Instead of sowing seeds of truth as revealed by God, these man-made churches are sowing seeds of confusion. Church membership, creeds, articles of religion, worship styles, evangelism programs ... these are, for the most part, the schemes and ideas of men, and are not found within the Bible.


We do not claim to have all the answers, but we do challenge that which has been deemed "orthodox" by the traditional church. We encourage no one to believe our perspectives just because we believe them to be correct. Like the Bereans of old, listen to what we have to say ... think for yourself ... and study God's Word to determine the truth that God has revealed.


We invite you to click on the links found on the left sidebar. Here you will find our past newsletters and other writings. If you would like to get copies of our free newsletter (sent periodically), simply click on "Contact Us" and drop us a note asking to be added to our distribution list.


A final word ... Throughout the Bible the majority was not correct. The prophets, Jesus, Paul ... were all in the minority. The majority within the church may believe certain things to be true (i.e. "orthodoxy"), but this does not mean these things are in fact true! STUDY AND THINK FOR YOURSELF! Do not believe your pastor, your Bible teacher, your favorite author, your family members or your friends without studying and thinking for yourself.


Yours in Christ Jesus,


Bob & Jill Evely

Grace Evangel Fellowship

P O Box 6

Wilmore, KY 40390


General Info:    bob@GraceEvangel.org

Webmaster:     jill@GraceEvangel.org


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