Recognizing Christ as the Saviour of ALL

Annual Bible Conferences

Following is a schedule of Bible Conferences where the Scriptures are studied concordantly, and where God is recognized as the Savior of ALL.


To study concordantly does not mean one must accept the teachings of any specific group. It simply means there is an attempt to scrutinize God's Word, paying close attention to distinctions that are made in the original languages, and considering the impact of these distinctions. To study concordantly is to eliminate human bias as much as is possible, focusing on the precise words employed by God in His revelation to mankind.




       June 2021

        NE Ohio Conference (Cleveland-Cortland area)

        Dates: June 11-12, 2021 

      Click here for 2021 schedule

      For details contact: Ted McDivitt 330-219-1192



        September 2021

        Sacramento CA

        For details contact: Charles Rutsch or Darron Haworth

        916-515-9355 or 916-215-6071  or

        Dates: September


        September 2021

        Brockport NY

      September 2020

        Open Bible Fellowship, 3639 Redman Road, Brockport, NY 14420


       For details visit:


       November 2021

        Pauline Church of Christ, 3036 Fairview Road, Leesville SC 29070

           6 miles each of I-20 on Hwy 178

            For details contact: Rick Farwell



      April 2022

        Richmond VA

        For details contact: Roosevelt Arrington





        Periodic small meetings in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

        For details contact: Dan Kraemer (519-744-4844)



      For meetings & conferences in England,



Weekly or Monthly Meetings

The following areas have groups that meet weekly, or with some degree of regularity. Drop a note or call the contact person listed for details.


Disclaimer: I cannot vouch for any of these group meetings. Proceed with caution. Take the normal steps to remain safe before entering the home of someone you do not know; or before inviting them into your home. No need to be excessively alarmed, but we cannot assume that because someone has formed a Bible Study group that I have done some investigation process. I personally know Jim Coram, Tony Nungesser, Ted McDivitt, Bill Petri, and Rick Farwell. As for others listed, I have either talked with each or exchanged e-mails, and have every reason to believe they are safe. But I do not want to mislead anyone, having them let down their guard until trust is established. Also note that while all groups listed recognize God as the ultimate Savior of ALL, they may disagree on other points.



        Santa Clarita CA                                                            

        Jim Coram           



        Woodland Park CO (Colorado Springs area)

        Naomi Smith  719/687-9008


        Loveland CO

        Mary Ann Broussard  719-660-4177


      Colorado Springs CO (1x per month)

      Aurora CO (2x per month) 

      Sean Marting  719-229-2562



        Olney, MD (17 miles north of Washington DC)

        Raymond Smith  301/774-0952



       Canton/Ball Ground GA                                                   

      Clint Powell    678/787-9696


    Rincon GA (Savannah area)

    Jerry & Cynthia Brunet  912/547-3903


    Rutledge GA

    Pamalia (706-474-0696)



          Naperville/Wheaton area                                    

          Terry Schwartz  630-752-5836     

          [Meets every other week]      



          Grace & Truth Bible Church

          14 Hayden Hill Road

          Litchfield, ME 04350                                    

          Neal Johnson  207-841-4241     




          Almont MI                                                                      

          Tony Nungesser       


          Ludington MI                                                              

          Lars Kvalvaag   231-690-7733



          Peculiar MO (Kansas City area)                            [Charismatic Church]

          Mike Cronk, Joyful Sounds Worship Center



          Springfield MO           

          Bill Clevenger  417-207-3237     



          Buffalo NY area (weekly meetings)

          Bill Petri




         Cleveland OH                                                              

         Ted McDivitt               



         Sayre OK                                                              

         Robert Lakey    580-210-9246


       Haskell OK

       Redemption Life Tabernacle   918-482-5509



        Fairview SC                                                              ["Concordant" Church]

        Rick Farwell               



        Sioux Falls SD

        Path To Life Fellowship 

        Tom Sargent   605-941-9150



        Chattanooga, TN

        Lester Casson   423-645-8361


        Dickson TN (35 miles west of Nashville)             [Music, Word, Spirit gifts]                  Meets Sundays 10:30 a.m.-- Conferences mid-Oct & Memorial Day

        Robert Torango  615-446-9955              



      Bushland TX (Amarillo area)

      Dr. G. A. Roach    806/576-7533



      Newport News VA

      Robert Allen, Grace & Truth Fellowship    757/725-0967



      Spokane Valley, WA

      Community Church of the Bible, 4510 N. Sullivan Rd.

      Richard Kirsch, Pastor    509/926-7587



       Visit the following web site supported by Clyde Pilkington, Jr.

        to find other believers to connect with who recognize God as

        the Savior of all men. Simply go to


        then choose your state on the right side of the screen, and

        add a post with your name and contact information.





February 2004 Bible Conference, Nicholasville KY